Monday, December 22, 2014

In Defense of AJ Preller

Because he needs me now more than ever...

You may have heard of this AJ Preller fella. New GM of the San Diego Padres by way of the Texas Rangers (and prolly some other places too). Mr. Prella has been in the baseball news quite a bit lately due to the reckless abandon which he as shown towards rebuilding the Padres. Reactions have been varied, but one of the predominant themes has been WHAT????

Personally, I am quite the fan of what Preller is trying to do to turn San Diego back into a place for baseball. As of today, December 22nd? the Padres offense is markedly better than it was last season when it was just plain the worst. And the acquisitions he has made thus far while seeming somewhat nonsensical, have not put that much of a dent in the Padres farm system (atleast at the top) and are by no means franchise crippling.

  • Matt Kemp at 5yrs/~$71mil? Sure when Hanley Ramirez got 4/$88mil to play the outfield. 
  • Wil Myers (buy low) still a year or 2 away from arbitration feels like a bit of a no-brainer.
  • Justin Upton (the Upton people still like not named Kate) for 1 year? If things don't work out this year a nice deadline piece or qualifying offer at seasons end.
  • Will Middlebrooks for a one of your 6 catchers? As long as you'll take the 34 yr old off our hands.
  • Too many catchers to name here...

The point is, even if you think that the prospects/players Preller moved where too much consider how much the Padres system has really yielded in the last 5-10 year. Some nice pitchers in there, but hardy the picture of durability, and if the Padre's farm system was better at producing hitters, Preller might just be working somewhere else right now. Also, they weren't his guys. They were Jed Hoyer's. And call me crazy, but how many deals have Cubs and the Padres made this offseason? Just sayin'.

Look, I don't know how things will exactly pan out of the Padres this year. I don't particularly think starting Myers in center is that good of an idea, especially when I've seen him get lost in Fenway's right field, but its only December 22nd (I think). I'm sure that Preller's got plenty of work still to do which hopefully includes packing up Yonder Alonso and shipping him... anywhere and giving my boy Tommy Medica a chance to shine!

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